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While power cuts eat into your profits, an inefficient Diesel Generator set will simply add to your losses. Powered by TMTL engines, Affinity Powers Diesel Generator has been designed to ensure you an efficient power supply. This also assures you years of hassle free operations.

Its recovery time, easily the best in its category, guarantees a seamless switchover to the backup power. Additionally, our advanced governing system effectively manages voltage fluctuations, ensuring the utmost safety for your equipment.

Its Got One Of The Most Preferred Engines Fitted Inside – The TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited Engine. With its compact design and minimal vibration, this engine boasts the smallest footprint among engines of similar ratings. This feature makes the DG set ideal even for roof-mount installations.

Each And Every Affinity Powers Diesel Generator Complies With The Most Stringent Noise And Emission Norms Stipulated By The Central Pollution Control Board Of India (CPCB).

It’s Got Other Advantages Too. Like, It’s Transported Through The TMTL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE), part of Chennai based Amalgamations Group. It Is Installed And Commissioned Through A TMTL Authorized Dealer. Included in the package is an annual maintenance contract for your convenience. Known for its exceptional fuel efficiency within its class, this model also guarantees zero leaks. Choose from manual or AMF control panel options to suit your specific requirements.

A Affinity Powers Diesel Generator Can Be Used In The Telecom, Defence And Railway Sectors. It Can Also Be Installed At Places Like Petrol Pumps, Hospitals, Constructions, Malls, Stadiums, Super Markets, Banks And Construction Sites

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